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Hi Chocolate and Money Reader,

My name is Mr Chocolate and Money or Mr C&M in short. I am a 27 year old Basel (Switzerland) native who fulfills nearly all the Swiss stereotypes.

I love Swiss chocolate! I love Raclette and Fondue! And my girlfriend calls me “the most conservative person she has ever met”.

Roger Federer is as close as it gets to being a god to me and I do not consider myself racist, because I will support any team that plays against Germany…

(Just kidding, some of my best friends are Germans and we are just jealous that Germans are much better at soccer than we are…).

My journey towards financial independence started by reading Robert T. Kyiosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in the summer of 2019. I tore through the book in 2 days and would not stop talking about it for another five. Next followed my path down the “rabbit hole” of the podcast ChooseFI which I still listen to on a weekly basis.

Ever since the FIRE (financial independence / retire early) has been burning brightly in my heart.

In the spring of 2020, I decided to summarize all the important aspects of financial independence in my own words and hand over these lessons to my sister who was about to enter the workforce herself. These original letters form the basis of The Basics of this blog.

I enjoyed compiling these letters so much that I took the decision to document all my learnings through this blog. At the same time, I hope that it will help you in your path towards financial independence and a happy life.

I do not have a target to reach financial independence by age XX and retire thereafter. I strongly believe that it is important to find something that gives you purpose before and after reaching FI. Only then can you have a fulfilled life.

However, I am a strong believer that the benefits of financial independence are invaluable and make life so much easier and happier.

The main benefit that comes from financial independence in my opinion is that you are relaxed. Being financially free gives you the choice of what to do, how to do it and when to do it. If you work, then you choose to work and do so much freer than needing that pay check at the end of the month.

For those of you wondering why I chose this name for the blog: The name of the blog is a mixture of two things I am passionate about (chocolate and money) and the concept of making sure you get the most joy and happiness out of life (aka chocolate aspects of life) while growing your financial position (aka the money side of life).

I truly believe that when the money side of life is figured out, then the chocolate aspects of life just increase exponentially from there on forward.

Let’s enjoy this journey together,

Mr C&M

If there is any topic you want me to cover, leave some feedback or just get in contact, feel free to send me an e-mail at info@chocolateandmoney.com.

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