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How Important Is Your Starting Salary?

Don’t you hate the feeling when you know your colleague is earning more than you? Especially when you know that you work harder and better than they do? Well, often there is one simple reason why: Your Starting Salary. The general advice parents and teachers give their children is: work hard, show that you are valuable and you will be rewarded. If you translate this… Read More »How Important Is Your Starting Salary?

Why Seek Financial Independence

This is the last letter in my crash course on financial independence and might be the most important one of all. It is all about the questions: why seek financial independence? For me there are three reasons why I want to be financially independent: 1.   Security.  Knowing that I have money on the side in case of a major crisis, lets me sleep good at night.… Read More »Why Seek Financial Independence


Income is a very different topic than expenses and investing. One that is as diverse as it gets and as difficult to give recommendations as it goes. This letter will show you how to increase your income through three different paths. For expenses, the concept and advice is simple: Increase your savings rate by tracking your expenses and cutting out everything which does not add… Read More »Income

An Intro to Financial Independence

Welcome to Chocolate and Money! It is amazing to have you here! If you are asking yourself: “What is financial independence?”, then this is the right place to be. Whether you are new to personal finance or already have a basic understanding of financial independence, I hope that these six letters will give you value and put you on the right path towards a financially… Read More »An Intro to Financial Independence