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Mr Money Mustache

Some claim he is the original founder of the FIRE movement. This is the one blog you should be following in the FIRE community. Mr Money Mustache retired at age 30 with a wife and two kids by simply saving 50% and more of his income. His style is very much in-your-face, so take it with a grain of salt.

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JL Collins –

The Simple Path To Wealth

JL Collins found fame by issuing his “Stock Series” which started off as a series of letters to his daughter on investing. His basic message is: Keep it simple. Invest in low-cost index funds and nothing else. He is also the author of my favorite FI book called: The Simple Path To Wealth.

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Early Retirement Now

What JL Collins has done for investing, Big ERN from Early Retirement Now has done for early retirement. In his Safe Withdrawal Rate Series he digs into the concept and nearly all of the variations of the 4% rule. If you want to understand exactly how to do early retirement from a financial point of view, then early retirement now is the blog to delve into.

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