Recommendations: Swiss Blogs

The Poor Swiss

My favorite of the Swiss Personal Finance Blogs. The Poor Swiss is a 31-year old computer scientist who chronicles his way to financial independence in Switzerland. His posts are genuine and you can feel the passion he has for the topic. His goal is to become financially independent by 50 and he documents his key figures such as savings rate, net worth and expenses on a monthly basis.

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Retire In Progress

Mr RIP is a 43-year old Italian software engineer who moved to Switzerland in 2012. He officially reached FI in Feb 2020 based on the conventional 4% rule. He then decided to switch his job and keep on working. He has an amazing savings rate of above 65% and chronicles his net worth evolution monthly.

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Mustachian Post

Most probably one of the first (if not the first) FIRE blog in Switzerland. Mr MP is a Swiss in his thirties who has two children and writes about FIRE in Switzerland. His personal goal is to reach financial independence by age 40 through living a frugal lifestyle. He documents the evolution of his key numbers (mainly net worth and savings rate) on a monthly basis.

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